About the book

Laughter is contagious!

The real, loud, joyful children laugh in Indonesia is more contagious! Heidi and Peter Wiedekamm have experienced exactly that and luckily had their camera ready. On their world trip with the sailboat Stormvogel they were always greeted in the remote corners of this world by children, but also by adults.

They have collected their photos and now in the picture book Mister, Mister! Photo Photo! released. The title is program. The book is one that makes a jubilant mood because it is just sincere. Arriving and being welcomed in a foreign land: this is not just the dream of all travelers, but a real need. Even the urban, modern metropolitan dreams of it. This experience can not be replaced by tourist-professional offers. This photo book shows spontaneously what happiness is. A stroke of luck.

A picture book to smile!

Mister, Mister! Photo Photo! is a refreshingly positive illustrated book that captures and communicates a universal emotion. A special cofeetable book – one in which one laughs, no: in which one laughs heartily. Sincere, direct and authentic.